EXTRATERRESTRIAL & UFO MEMES: The Pervasive Convergence Towards Disclosure?!

This surely has been one fascinating week tracking the pervasive convergence towards the revelation and disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence. The increased reports from the latest news of aliens and unidentified flying objects (UFOs) often makes me wonder if I will ever be able to truly wrap my head around it all. Out of the uncertainties of our present world crisis, a sequence of trends and events is seemingly pointing towards a rapid escalation and unraveling of the extraterrestrial mystery.

This morning we were greeted with the news that a plethora of Earth-like planets have been discovered. This was brought to us courtesy of a presentation given by the Astronomer Dimitar Sasselov at a TEDGlobal conference in Oxford.

Sasselov disclosed to the conference that 140 different planets about the same size as Earth was discovered:

More than 100 planets that are a similar size to Earth have been discovered in just the past few weeks, it has been announced. The discovery was made by the space telescope Kepler which has been scanning the skies for planets that are orbiting stars since it was launched in January last year. The breakthrough raises the tantalizing prospect that we may not be alone in the Universe. Scientists now believe that there are likely to be around 100 million planets in the Milky Way that harbor exactly the right conditions for life. And they expect to be able to identify around 60 of these habitable Earth-like planets within the next two years… He described the remarkable breakthrough as ‘fulfilling the dreams of Copernicus’. – Daily Mail.

This comes against the background of the survey of 90 near-Earth objects by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) and the discovery by researchers at the University of Tennessee (UT) that  the presence of water on the moon is quite widespread. A major discovery that would challenge and shatter the long-held conventional theories of popular science regarding the properties on the lunar surface.

Researchers at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, are once again turning what scientists thought they knew about the moon on its head… Larry Taylor, a distinguished professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, discovered “lunar dew” on the moon’s surface — absorbed “water” in the uppermost layers of lunar soil. This discovery of water debunked beliefs held since the return of the first Apollo rocks that the moon was bone-dry… scientists have discovered that water on the moon is more widespread — on the outside and inside of the moon – with some similarities to water in volcanic systems on Earth… the water discovered… is internal, arising from an entirely different origin. How it got there is not yet known. The water may have been added by impacting comets, which contain ice, during or after the formation of the moon and Earth.- Eureka Alert.

Last year NASA’s LCROSS sent a Centaur rocket into the Moon in search for water and its Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter recently photographed unusually deep craters in the crust showcasing a vast network of tunnels. It is envisioned that these tunnels could allow humans to live on the Moon in the future.What is quite profound about these announcements and discoveries is that scientists at the California Institute of Technology have determined that the volatile elements contained the calcium phosphate mineral of a lunar basalt from the 1971 Apollo 14 mission, are quite similar to the same mineral found on the Earth. Since volcanic magma is composed of elements such as oxygen, it is quite easy to understand the theory that the quest to find extraterrestrial life will be made by following the universality of water.

Speaking of water, this week a remotely controlled vehicle captured images of extreme life forms in the deepest ocean vents of the Caribbean Sea. In an interview with LiveScience Magazine, the geologist who piloted the vehicle described the scenery as like the surface of another world, “The rainbow hues of the mineral spires and the fluorescent blues of the microbial mats covering them were like nothing I had ever seen before.” Nested in a world of extreme temperatures, were alien-like creatures swimming in water. This raises the distinct possibility of the discovery of extraterrestrial lifeforms here within our own solar system. These discoveries may formulate the necessary steps in the exploration of the surface and depths of our Moon, Jupiter’s Europa and Saturn’s Titan. Just recently scientists had declared that the presence of hydrocarbons and liquid water was present on the moons of Saturn:

The Cassini mission which has been photographing Saturn,… has sent back stunning images of the ringed planet and its family of moons, but it has also made a number of noteworthy discoveries. It found a methane atmosphere on Saturn’s biggest moon, Titan, along with lakes and rivers and a topography that looks a lot like Earth. However, the biggest surprise was when plumes of water vapour were discovered erupting from the tiny moon Enceladus. – The Irish Times.

In addition, alien structures looking like giant propellers was also seen by the Cassini spacecraft. NASA has since announced that these are new class of hidden moons. If this is the case, then these are some of the amazing moons or moonlets ever seen – huge double-armed propeller structures stretching over several thousands of miles long? What is even more amazing is that NASA has observed that Titan have a hydrological cycle similar to Earth’s with standing liquid on the surface.The presence of water and methane on Titan and Enceladus, clearly illustrates that the ingredients available for life is abundant in our solar system. As these ingredients have been observed on the Earth and its Moon, Mars, and Jupiter’s Moon Europa. This makes Kepler’s discovery to be quite interesting and as Sasselov concluded, the next step is to find out the “universality of life.” What kind of life will be discovered on these Earth-like planets? Will extraterrestrial life be discovered? Whether it is this year or next, it seems quite obvious that scientifically we are much nearer to making that monumental discovery.

If the news about discoveries in space is not enough, the record number of UFO sightings witnessed worldwide during this month will leave no doubt as to where this is going?  Reports coming from MUFON, the UFO Examiner, the National UFO Center and a myriad of other exopolitical networks have been reporting on numerous sightings of round orange spheres seen all over America, bizarre shaped crafts and luminous beings in China, color-changing and shape-shifting objects in the skies of Malaysia, jellyfish-shaped vehicles over Germany, … A smorgasbord of skyrocketing reports of objects shaped like triangles, cigars, fireball, spheres, cylinders, discs, saucers, and orbs seen worldwide, appearing, flying, spinning, blinking, weaving, diving, rising and disappearing.

It’s no wonder then that the Vatican is jumping again into the disclosure ring. A significant figure inside the Vatican disclosed recently on live Italian national television that extraterrestrial contact is real.

Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a theologian member of the Vatican Curia (governing body), and an insider close to the Pope, has gone on Italian national television five times, including recent months, to proclaim that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. Balducci provided an analysis of extraterrestrials that he feels is consistent with the Catholic Church’s understanding of theology. Monsignor Balducci emphasizes that extraterrestrial encounters “are NOT demonic, they are NOT due to psychological impairment, they are NOT a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully.” Since Monsignor Balducci is a demonology expert and consultant to the Vatican , and since the Catholic Church has historically demonized many new phenomena that were poorly understood, his stating that the Church does not censure these encounters is all the more remarkable.

Balducci revealed to a visiting American professional that the Vatican is closely following this phenomenon quietly. My informant originally surmised that the Vatican is receiving much information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans from its Nunciatures (embassies) in various countries. But subsequent information indicated that the Monsignor has gotten his cases from other sources. Monsignor Balducci is a member of a group which acts as consultants to the Vatican on various matters concerning humans in possible contact with supernatural beings. As such, the matter of extraterrestrial encounters would fall within their purview, and possibly as well the spiritual significance of the emerging general realization of extraterrestrial contact. – UFO Disclosure.

This seems to be another step in the process of public acclimatization to the coming extraterrestrial disclosure narrative. Remember that in November of last year, the Vatican Pontifical Academy of Sciences convened a five-day conference at the Vatican to discuss the detection and implications of extraterrestrial life as part of an openly ongoing policy directive from the United Nations. The Jesuit priest Father Jose Gabriel Funes, Director of the Vatican Observatory noted that intelligent extraterrestrial life is consistent with Catholism, “This is not in contrast with the faith, because we cannot place limits on the creative freedom of God,” he said. “To use St. Francis’ words, if we consider earthly creatures as ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters,’ why can’t we also speak of an ‘extraterrestrial brother‘?'”

It is obvious to see that where science and all of aspects of it – astronomy, biology and physics will merge with religious faith around this narrative when the baton is finally relayed to the political leaders and legislators for the global authoritative announcement of the extraterrestrial presence. Recently a European Union lawmaker urged member nations to open their secret  files on UFOs, saying that people need to know about close encounters of the third kind.

Mario Borghezio, an Italian member of the European Parliament, told The Associated Press in an e-mail Tuesday that the EU needs its own “X Files” archive where anyone can see information on UFOs — including data gathered by the military. Borghezio said all European governments should go public and stop what he called a “systematic cover-up.” – MSNBC.

This week the Washington Post revealed in a wide-ranging investigation of America’s top secret network, that military officers kept secrets about UFOs and extraterrestrials from their respective commanders:

One military officer involved in one such program said he was ordered to sign a document prohibiting him from disclosing it to his four-star commander, with whom he worked closely every day, because the commander was not authorized to know about it. Another senior defense official recalls the day he tried to find out about a program in his budget, only to be rebuffed by a peer. “What do you mean you can’t tell me? I pay for the program,” he recalled saying in a heated exchange. – Washington Post.

So, it appears that these surface events are pointing to secret discussions held at the highest levels of global leadership to put forward a new policy of openness about extraterrestrials and to facilitate the landmark event of extraterrestrial beings landing in their spacecrafts on the White House lawns.

Then again, maybe they already have. Check out the following report from Alfred Webre and video by Bibiana Bryson of a UFO over the White House on July 20th:

A hyperdimensional UFO in over flight approximately one mile south east of the White House in Washington, DC appears to have fired a ray of light or directed energy beam in the vicinity of the White House. The incident, which occurred on July 20, 2010 at 3:18 AM, was photographed in high-speed, high definition photographs by Wilbur “Will” Allen, a former White House employee and Air Force One engineer under U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.

Mr. Allen states, “On July 20, 2010 at 3:18:07 AM in NW Washington DC, a relatively short distance from the White House, I imaged a slow moving UFO pulse through the sky, and then [observed the UFO] fire an energy beam which extended from it.”  Mr. Allan also states, “I took several stationary images of the stars as I usually do. However, there is one object I thought to be a star, moving and then discharging a beam of light!!!…. There is one frame that does not make much sense? A Star is either moving or shooting a beam of light that is ‘bent’? The motion is not registered with any of the other ‘stars’ in this sampling.” – Mr. Allen states, “On July 20, 2010 at 3:18:07 AM in NW Washington DC, a relatively short distance from the White House, I imaged a slow moving UFO pulse through the sky, and then [observed the UFO] fire an energy beam which extended from it.”  – Seattle Exopolitics Examiner.

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