EXTRATERRESTRIAL & UFO MEMES: The Pervasive Convergence of Britain’s MoD X-Files – The Churchill and Eisenhower UFO Cover-up?!

With Earth’s magnetic fields still reverberating from the geomagnetic storms resulting from the impact of the Sun’s massive strike of coronal mass ejection (CMEs) on August 3rd sparking spectacular aurora of northern lights, and with the expectation of a second series of plasma impact scheduled for a catastrophic crash course with Earth in the next couple of days; only a monumental exopolitical story disclosing the covering up of a close encounter with UFOs and extraterrestrial by Sir Winston Churchill and US General Dwight Eisenhower could take pride of place in the global news headlines.

This news came out of the publication and release by Britain’s National Archives of 18 of the Ministry of Defense’s (MoD) UFO files covering the years 1995 to 2003. The files released, span several decades containing numerous witness accounts, sketches, letters, notes, reports, statements, interviews, parliamentary memos and a raft of other classified briefings documenting the varied and mysterious sightings of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial entities across Britain.

This publication is the latest in a series of releases of long-held classified files compiled by the Ministry of Defense’s UFO division, relating to sightings of weird aerial anomalies and mysterious crafts above the cities and towns of Britain. While many of the cases have been subsequently explained away with rational explanation such as meteors and natural objects appearing in our atmosphere, many of the sightings are still unresolved and remains unsolved.

“Sir Winston Churchill was accused of covering up a close encounter between an RAF aircraft and a UFO during the Second World War, newly-released files have revealed. The former prime minister allegedly ordered that the unexplained incident over the east coast of England should be kept secret for at least 50 years because it would provoke “mass panic”. The claim, made in 1999 by a scientist who said his grandfather was one of Churchill’s bodyguards, is recounted in declassified Ministry of Defence UFO files made available online by the National Archives. The man, who is not named in the files, said Churchill was reported to have exclaimed: “This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic amongst the general population and destroy one’s belief in the church.”The Press Association.

The report and files further states that Britain’s former Prime Minister and inspirational leader during World War II allegedly told former President Eisenhower that if the details of the incident was publicized, it would undermine the belief in established religion. The unnamed scientist claimed that his grandfather heard the exchange between Churchill and Eisenhower. He apparently wrote to the Ministry of Defense 11 years ago in a bid to find out more about the encounter over the east coast of England. The report states the following:

UFO Sketches from MoD Files.

“The RAF reconnaissance plane was on its way back from a spy mission over France or Germany when it was intercepted by a metallic object. The other “craft” matched the military plane’s speed before accelerating and disappearing into the distance. “This event was discussed by Mr Churchill and General Eisenhower, neither of whom knew what had been observed,” the scientist wrote. “There was a general inability for either side to match a plausible account to these observations and this caused a high degree of concern.” According to a consultant present at the time, it could not have been a missile but another person said it might be a UFO.”

Interestingly, several years later in July 1952, it was reported in The Independent, that Churchill wrote to the Air Ministry saying: “What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to? What can it mean? What is the truth?”

The accounts provided by the MoD have been part of the folklore of ufology since the 1940s and 1950s. Rumors and conspiracy theories about the alleged recovery of extraterrestrial crafts and beings at Roswell, New Mexico; reports of UFO-like “foo fighters” by combat pilots during World War II; the black projects and secret weapons of the Nazis; mass sightings over the American heartland of flying saucers and alien beings; and President Eisenhower’s clandestine meeting with extraterrestrial visitors in 1954. It is believed that Eisenhower was called away from his normal schedule to a hastily arranged meeting to view the wreckage of an alien craft and to communicate with beings from outer space. It is further alleged that this took place at Edwards Air Force Base. Evidence provided by the White House press indicates that Eisenhower had gone missing on the evening of Saturday, February 20, 1954 with no apparent explanation for his absence, only that he had an emergency with his dentist to repair a broken tooth. This claim was later denied by the dentist’s wife and the records at the Eisenhower Library did not reflect any details of this dental work for the time specified.

Recently, the former New Hampshire legislator Henry W. McElroy Jr. made statements on the incident, positively confirming that Eisenhower had a briefing with extraterrestrials.

The release of the MoD UFO files provides further evidence of the seriousness with which these sightings were taken during the height of the Cold War between America and Russia. They showed that Britain’s Joint Intelligence Committee in April 1957 held a special presentation from the Air Ministry’s head of air intelligence, Air Vice Marshal Bill McDonald, on “unexplained aerial phenomena”. Four incidents that month involving UFOs tracked by RAF radar remained “unexplained”. The report also shows RAF fighters were scrambled 200 times a year to intercept unidentified targets on the radar of Britain’s air defense systems during the cold war right up until 1991.

There is even an account that is quite similar to that of Roswell, and came to be known as the “Welsh Roswell,” where residents of Llandrillo in Merionethshire, near the Berwyn mountains reported strange streaking lights across the sky followed by a massive explosion.

UFO Sketches from MoD Files and National Archives.

“…villagers heard a colossal explosion and felt a tremor ripple through their homes… ufologists claimed roads were sealed off and people kept away from the site after the incident on 23 January 1974. Alien bodies were then taken to Porton Down biological warfare centre for analysis,… experts at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) initially struggled to explain the Llandrillo incident. A search and rescue team from RAF Valley, on Anglesey, was scrambled in response to the reports of an explosion and a large fire on the mountainside. Some witnesses described seeing a “bright red light, like a coal-fire red. Large perfect circle. Like a big bonfire. Could see lights above and to the right and white lights moving to bottom.””The Guardian.

The released of 3500 cases further shows that UFOs had been seen and documented quite frequently:

UFO Sketches from MoD Files.

“He reported that UFOs had been spotted by official and unofficial sources at a rate of one a week. He disclosed that a sample of 16 reports in early 1957 showed that ten had been identified (a meteorological balloon, aircraft navigation lights, aircraft flares, a meteorite, a photographic hoax, faulty radar equipment and “an engineer’s amateur experiment”) but six were not. Four of these were radar sightings that remained under investigation. “In each, unusual behaviour of the radar blips in terms of course, speed and heights were reported,” he wrote. “Attempts are being made to trace the cause of these sightings to aircraft known to have been near, inexperienced operators or spurious echoes of unexplained origin.” The file does not state whether the sightings were ever explained.”The Australian.

Dr David Clarke, author of The UFO Files, suggests that this surge in interest in the extraterrestrial was fueled by the popularity of television shows such as the X-Files and movies like Independence Day and Men in Black. “And, while undoubtedly, most strange sightings can be explained, there are still strange events that cannot be accounted for… The US pilots used to talk about objects that circled them around during their flights, with flashing lights and changes of direction that did not fit in with possible enemy patterns. The British and the Germans also reported such sightings. It’s hard not to wonder if something’s out there.” Dr. Clarke also revealed that Churchill had an interest in UFOs as early as 1912, when he was the first person to pose questions on the subject in Parliament, about an unusual sighting near Sheerness. “It was in 1912 and everyone was getting nervous about the Germans,” said Dr Clarke. “The question was about an unusual sighting off the coast and MPs wanted to know if it was a German Zeppelin. The answer was ‘Apparently not’. The mystery remains.”

Nick Pope, a former employee of the British Government’s Ministry of Defense and who also worked on the official UFO files, said: “Whatever you believe about UFOs, there’s some fascinating material in these real life X-Files. Most of these sightings turned out to be misidentifications of things like aircraft lights or meteors, but a small proportion could not be explained.”

What is evidently explanatory here, is that these revelations from the MoD is another pointer to the pervasive convergence of the disclosure narrative around the presence of the extraterrestrials. The evidence from all over the globe over the the last 60 years coupled with the recent news reports and cultural symbolism is pointing clearly to the undeniable fact that we are on the cusp of a monumental revelation. It is not a question of if, but rather of when.

The MOD’s UFO files can be accessed at Britain’s National Archives and will be free to view for the first month.

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