Are some living Machine?

In year 2007 some scientists already thought some of the living things that I mentioned maybe the product of “advanced intellegent created living technology”. here are what they said:
“ I see you have posted more images of your UFOs, strange thing about your theorythat some UFOs are living things. I guess they could be somewhat like an organismthat lives in the deep dark depths of the ocean………”
“xxx’s photographs are all of endlessly different things as if they are like independent organisms.”
“There is nothing that says an advanced intellegent species cant have created a living technology. Perhaps, some of the craft that visit the Earth are examples of such technology. Living vessels”
“ I agree that advanced intelligent species could have created a living technology”
I believe some of the shaped ufo pictures that posted on my blog are this kind of “living machines”
reference article: Alien hunters ‘should look for artificial intelligence’

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