The Dregs of the Cesspit Target Loving Mother

The Dregs of the Cesspit Target Loving Mother

A wonderful lady called Cheryl Stannard was charged with child abduction last night by the disgraceful and pathetic Portsmouth police in Hampshire, England.

It was the latest stage in a gross persecution of this woman by the British establishment. I can’t even talk about the other stages because they involve the secret family court system which uses secrecy to hide the truly grotesque activities of the Social Services (SS) Mafia to steal the children of loving parents.

Cheryl has been bailed to appear in court next week as the scaled creatures of the British Satanic hierachy seek to crush her even more.

We are going to need your help with this en masse – it is a line in the sand that we must not allow to be breached. More information in the next few days when the dust has settled and we get confirmation of her court appearance.

Thank-you to everyone who called and emailed Portsmouth police last night about Cheryl. We need to let these sad people know constantly that they are not abusing the innocent quietly and off the radar anymore once we know about it.

Please note: Cheryl is really struggling financially after spending most of her life savings on legal fees and if she was not living with supporters of her cause at the moment she would be in the street. That is where the Satanic establishment wants her to be. 

We need to help her get through this. She may get legal aid, we’ll see, but there are still many costs of transport and accommodation beyond that as she deals with now two legal cases designed to destroy her. Cheryl wins and we expose the system that is crucifying many thousands of parents and children every year in the UK alone.

So … Cheryl wins – let’s go. 

Click here to donate to her defence fund …