Squid gets Canada Post’s stamp of approval (Via Chad Arment)

July 9, 2010
CBC News

A famous Newfoundland sea monster will soon occupy a space normally reserved for Canada’s Queen. Glover’s Harbour’s giant roadside squid statue has been chosen to appear on a new Canadian stamp. People living in the community on Newfoundland’s northeast coast can hardly believe it. “For a little town of Glover’s Harbour to be picked? Shocking,” said resident Cathy Haggett.

Haggett’s sister, Melinda Marsh, was equally surprised. “It was like, huh? We were picked to be on the stamp?” said Marsh. Both women are members of the committee that had the squid statue built in 2001. The 16.8-metre piece is based on a massive squid that washed up on the shore near Glover’s Harbour in 1878. It put the tiny town in the Guinness World Records book.

Next summer, a stamp baring its image will be licked and slapped on envelopes that could end up in any corner of the globe. Haggett believes it will be a big draw for the area. “I think it will bring a lot of money towards here, not only Glover’s Harbour, but surrounding areas like Point Leamington and Leading Tickles,” she said. About 2,000 people now visit the concrete monster annually. Marsh is convinced many more will come next summer.

“We’re hoping to get stamp collectors from many different places in the world, that will come out and see this monster,” she said. Haggett joked Canada Post might want to hire more staff in Glover’s Harbour, because when the stamp comes out, residents plan to start mailing letters to everyone they know … and even some they don’t.


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