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Maureen Spalek freed by the disgusting, gutless and pathetic Merseyside police after they received a stream of calls from the public that crashed their system 

Thank-you everyone … you can make a difference and this is just the start – let’s go 

Maureen had her three children stolen by the child-thieves of Merseyside Social Services and since then they, aided by the disgusting, gutless and pathetic Merseyside police, have subjected her to constant harrassment, including arresting her and taking her to court for sending a birthday card to one of her own children.

We must not let her case drop now or the subject in general because the scale of child kidnapping by the State by Social Services, police and legal system (see disgusting, gutless and pathetic) are leading to staggering numbers of children being stolen from their parents.


You think you are watching us? Well, we are watching you and you will do nothing else to Maureen Spalek that the public won’t know immediately. 

God, what were your mothers doing?

Oh, yes, one other thing … from a solid-gold source:

‘Information from Ministry of Defence Army records reveals that a Rifleman Gregory Lancelot Watkins was born in Clifton, Bristol. He joined what was then the Kings Royal Rifles in December 1959 as a clerk and was posted to Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in a clerical post until May 1960.  

The army reports state that Rifleman Watkins was discharged early from National Service in July 1960 as unsuitable because of his sexual preferences and subversive comments.’