Must See! NEW Face found on the Surface of Mars

A new feature on the surface of mars that looks quite a bit like a face in profile. Could it be a trick of light and shadow? Is it yet another clue of the ancient race of beings that lived on mars ages ago?

Researcher Mr. Ianneo found this feature while pouring over the
satellite images of the martian surface. it is one in series of rock formations that appear artificial.

There has been pyramids, cities, the big face found in the 70’s and even a monolith on a moon of mars
( see this article for more).

Here are the pictures:



Side note:

Data, recently transferred from the apparatus Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which explores Mars, may indicate the existence of underground life on Mars. This conclusion comes after a high-quality processing and data validation from scientists at the Institute of Planetology, located in Tucson, USA.