MUFON: ‘Grey’ Alien – Afogados da Ingazeira, Pernambuco, Brazil

MUFON CMS – Afogados da Ingazeira, city of Pernambuco, Brazil – 6/16/2009 – Translated from Portuguese…not great but it’s somewhat understandable: Hello, my name is * (Wit’s name deleted–SGonzalez/CMS) and want to report a case. 2 days ago I was in a chat that I participate on ufology, he entered a new member and asked me to I saw a photo and asked what I was seeing it with a bit of attention he said he saw a humanoid in the picture, possibly a gray. Then he began to relate an experience that happened to him for about a year. I’ll call him C-4, because he asked that his name be preserved.

Resident in the city of Afogados da Ingazeira, city of Pernambuco, Brazil, C-4 arrived at her home from work at night, around 21 hours, along with his girlfriend, entered the room and headed toward the bathroom to bathe, When he heard the sound of a door, he asked his girlfriend if she had been she who slammed the door, she said no. He then went to bathe, leaving the bath, he entered the room and saw a floating ball, the size of a tennis ball, with a kind of core within it, the ball flew quickly into the room, then asked C-4 to his girlfriend who had hit the door and she said she thought she was his mother who had arrived, he then went into the hall of the house and felt a presence, the house was dark, he got the Sony Ericsson W580i and took a picture of the dark hallway (attached).

Later viewing the photo in Photoshop software he viewed the photo and cleared something strange in the photo, zoom, and has spotted the image of a being, like a kind TE Gray. (Attached)

C4 I claimed to have precognitive dreams, one of them predicted the death of a friend, who died the next day. He also claims photographing orbs, says it has hundreds of pictures of them. In addition, he also claims to have heard a buzzing noise, almost deafening days after the incident mentioned above and says he has also scarred by the body since childhood, which he does not know the provenance. He says he has headaches and she realized he was doing drawings on your childhood like alien beings, bighead and flimsy.

I made a drawing over the picture, which also is attached. We would like an opinion about the case and on the photo that C-4 took off, thank you and await contact.

NOTE: I enlarged the ‘grey’ and changed the hues for clarity. There’s a lot of noise and pixel distortion…so I’m not sure what to make of this…Lon

MUFON: ‘Grey’ Alien – Afogados da Ingazeira, Pernambuco, Brazil