Mande Burung Expedition Planned

John Carlson is reporting on his blog The Paranomalist a correspondence he received from cryptozoologist Adam Davis in reference to a future expedition in which he’ll be searching for the Mande Burung:

I was in touch with cryptozoologist Adam Davies today and he informed me that he’ll be leading an expedition to India in search of legendary ape men known locally as the Mande Burung (forest man). The date for expedition has been confirmed for the last week of October, 2010.

The Mande Burung is described as a bipedal apelike creature similar to North America’s Bigfoot or Sasquatch, Australia’s Yowie, and the Yeti of the Himalayas. The cryptid is most commonly seen in the West Garo Hills district of the state of Meghalaya in India.

This remote region of India borders Bangladesh, and sightings of these strange, upright-walking hominoids have been reported by many of the local villagers.

I’m sure the hilly jungle terrain that these creatures are said to inhabit will prove to be challenging, but Adam Davies and his team of cryptid researchers are experienced at overcoming such difficult territory, having endured the Congolese jungles and swamps, the dizzying heights of the Himalayas, and the searing heat of the Gobi Desert — among other demanding and dangerous locales.

For further information regarding the adventures of cryptid researcher Adam Davies, I highly recommend that you read his book Extreme Expeditions, which I’ve reviewed in the Book Review section of this website. Extreme Expeditions is published by Anomalist Books.

No word just yet from Adam as to whether the Mande Burung expedition to India will be filmed and shown on History Channel’s MonsterQuest program, but I’ll update this post and let everyone know just as soon as I have a confirmation either way.

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Mande Burung Expedition Planned

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