Bigfoot search planned in N.C.

Bigfoot is said to be a large, fur-covered creature that
lives in forests and avoids human contact.

Published: February 25, 2011

Rick Lunsford, a Wilkes County resident who says he saw Bigfoot more than 30 years ago, is planning an expedition to look for proof of the elusive creature.

“I’m really looking for evidence, and looking for people to go with me,” Lunsford said Thursday.

Bigfoot is said to be a large, fur-covered creature that lives in forests and avoids human contact. Bigfoot sightings have been reported in every U.S. state except Hawaii, according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a national group that investigates such reports. The evidence to date has consisted largely of witness reports, plaster casts of footprints, and fuzzy images.

Lunsford plans a March 5 expedition to search for evidence in the Roten Creek Road area in Wilbar. That is where he says he saw the creature back in late August or September 1978, when he was 20 years old.

Lunsford, now 52, came forward with his story last year.

He described Bigfoot as being somewhere between 6 and 8 feet tall and as broad as a refrigerator. Its arms were bowed out. It had dark hair, 3 or 4 inches long, on its arms. It gave off a terrible odor, he said.

But what he remembers most vividly, he said, were the creature’s dark, round eyes and oval head.

Lunsford filed a report last year with the BFRO about his encounter. Counting Lunsford, the organization’s website lists 64 Bigfoot sightings in North Carolina, most of them near the Tennessee border.

“People have lived up here all their lives and never knew it existed up here,” Lunsford said. “I’ve heard some more stories since I came out with mine.

“I’m wanting to prove it so bad, I can see it.”

He has already heard from about 50 people interested in joining the expedition, he said, and hopes to find more. He doesn’t want anyone to bring guns or dogs, saying, “I don’t want nobody getting hurt or nothing.”

His expedition will gather at noon March 5 at the Food Lion parking lot on NC Highway 16 in Millers Creek, then travel about 12 to 13 miles up the mountain.

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