USA UFO News : Rectangle UFO Sighting Over Chicago International Airport, USA 31 July, 2010

USA UFO News : Rectangle UFO Sighting Over Chicago International Airport, USA 31 July, 2010

After China Xiaoshan Airport UFO, Williams Gateway Airport UFO, Arizona, USA
and City Of Siauliai, Lithuania UFO sighting now we have latest rectangle UFO sighting which is also over/near Airport.

According to eyewitness testimonial account who is also ready to go for lie detecting test “at 250PM while driving to work on 12:20 on 31 July,2010 I looked out my driver side window towards the Gary/Chicago international airport and noticed a large “banner” flying above the airport. I look back to read what the “banner” was advertising and I noticed that it wasn’t a “banner” at all!

Gary is a city in Lake County, Indiana, United States. The city is in the southeastern portion of the Chicago metropolitan area and is 25 miles from downtown Chicago.

It was a large rectangular/square object about the size of 4 to 5 highway billboard signs and was yellow to orange in color.

It was very “dingy” but still transparent. I looked around and didn’t see any other craft in the area. The object was actually about 1 mile WEST away from the airport and it was not moving or making any noise.

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It’s shape was perfectly rectangular/square like a playing card on it’s side. The lines of the object were perfectly straight. It really stood out from the overcast clouds and sun because the clouds are more rounded in shape and they were slightly moving the object was not.

It also stood out because it was slightly yellow and orange. I felt bewildered for a moment and looked for anything that could tell me what this object was. There were no other craft, there weren’t any strings attached, there were no external compartments or moving parts to it. It was just THERE, halfway up the skyline sitting very stoic and unnatural.

I slowed my vehicle down from about 40 mph to about 20 mph and watched it until I had to exit onto Cline Avenue to go to work. I would say that the entire incident only lasted 1 to 2 minutes. I continued to look back to try to find it but I couldn’t.

By that time my view back towards the object was blocked by highway ramps and buildings. When I parked my car inside the parking garage, I tried again to get another view of the object but I could not.

There were too many obstructions blocking my line of sight. This feeling of embarrassment and bewilderment has stayed with me all day. I worked 330-1130PM tonight and felt that I HAD to tell somebody.

So I told my wife, I sent an Email to the Gary/Chicago international airport. I tried to call them but all I got was a recorded message.

Then I looked up MUFON on wikipedia and here I am telling my story. I do not believe in Aliens or things of that nature.

I know that I saw “something” today, but I do not know what it was.

I will tell anyone that wants to listen my story and I will take any lie detector test there is. I’ll undergo any evaluation. I’m sure that there’s an explanation for what I saw, and I would like to here it.source

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