UFOs, God and Steven Hawkin

Steven Hawkin made a statement that “science no longer needs God to explain the Universe”. I say, any cosmologist who can make a statement like that with ninety six percent of the universe unexplained is a tad lacking in his humility.

Scientists seem to think that to know more than others somehow give’s them special insights into matters that may be even beyond them. Steven Hawkins’ statement is a little misleading. He suggested that science had just arrived at this no God universe. Actually, they have been pushing a no God universe from the start of modern cosmology. You see, science had the whole thing rigged from the get go. Before the “Big Bang,” least we forget, was the “Steady State” universe, remember that? There was no need for a God in a universe with no beginning or end. What happened next within mainstream cosmology reflects the very arrogance that Hawkins displays. A lowly Jesuit mathematician, Monsignor Georges Henri Joseph, came to Einstein with a theory. The theory was that the universe had a beginning. The universe was expanding and if you followed it back you would find the moment of its inception. Einstein immediately rejected this theory. This was considered religion by the mainstreamed cosmologists, and I mean that literally. It is admitted now that many mainstreamed scientists rejected this theory out of hand because of the implication of creation and its possible link to religion. Eventually, Monsignor Georges Henri Joseph’s universe was proven to be right and the rest is history. For the following decades, science tried to find a way around the order in the laws to the universe without a God and, thanks to String Theory, they have it.


According to Quantum Mechanics everything is random; including our Universe. This was at odds with what cosmologists found. The four fundamental forces: the Weak Force, Strong force, Electromagnetic force and Gravity from the very beginning, were in perfect proportions for life to evolve. Science has proven that fluctuation to any of these forces would mean no life at all in the universe. The new hypothesis that scientists came up to explain this was that there were unlimited universes created by unlimited “Branes” in another dimension with their own time and random forces.


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A multiverse of a somewhat different kind has been envisaged within the multi-dimensional extension of string theory known as M-theory, also known as Membrane Theory.[13] In M-theory our universe and others are created by collisions between p-branes in a space with 11 and 26 dimensions (the number of dimensions depends on the chirality of the observer);[14][15] each universe takes the form of a D-brane.[14][15] Objects in each universe are essentially confined to the D-brane of their universe, but may be able to interact with other universes via gravity, a force which is not restricted to D-branes.[16] This is unlike the universes in the “quantum multiverse“, but both concepts can operate at the same time.”

In other words, we were just lucky in the role of the never ending universe of dices. With this theory, which can never really be proven, the scientists of today can rest easy in their godless universe. Did you ever notice how much scientists in their latest new theories throw around the term “infinite” to explain what they can’t explain such as “Branes” floating in infinite nothing, infinitely bumping into each other, causing infinite universes with their infinite times and infinite laws…” l guess you get the idea.

UFOs are treated with the same contempt as God by most mainstream scientists. The only difference is these scientists don’t have to spend a single day reading or researching UFOs to explain them. All they ever have to do is make a public proclamation. These uninformed stupid explanations are accepted by the public and they go to sleep. They are never really challenged by other scientists of stature, leaving only the professionals in the UFO community to challenge their lame explanations.

Believe me, why scientist think they are educating the public by making statement they can’t possibly know is true, is a mystery. Recently I read an article about Wang Sichao, a research fellow at the Purple Mountain Observatory. It seems China is starting the rev up their research on UFOs. One of the questions that was put to Professor Sichao by the author of the article below was his feelings on whether there has been enough investigation going on with regards to UFOs. He replies:

“Why, for 60 years, was there no progress in UFO studies? The reason is that a UFO only appears randomly and often disappears rapidly in a few minutes. By the time large professional telescopes are started up, it has already disappeared.”


I don’t know about China but there are places in the US where scientists could study UFOs. Throughout UFO history there has been and continues to be places where these objects are seen on a consistent basis. In Washington state, in Utah, and in Colorado, just to name a few. If there was a real effort to get people out of the closet on this subject I would bet there would be many more. If ETs are here they may have bases and facilities in the mountains and in very rural areas. There is absolutely no excuse for science to sit on the sidelines and let this phenomenon be.

UFOs are tangible they can be measured and proven to exist. If scientists claim it is the myth and its groups built around UFOS that stop their research, I say how about now? Today scientists do their research in spite of opinion or group myth. They even challenge God for God’s sake! There is something in the ego psyche of scientist that resents ETs if they are here. In “Contact” aliens wanted to speak to other scientist but the aliens that are described seem to want to communicate, if at all, with regular folks. In fact they seem to thumb what’s left of their noses, at scientists. I would like to make another point about cosmologist and their egos. These brilliant cosmologist can go to their gave defending a theory that is proven time and again wrong, Fred Holy is an example of that

I think it is time has come for everyone scientist, layman and skeptics to admit in all humility that there are mysteries still out there which have not been given their due, the mystic experiences, the paranormal including intelligence after death and Unknown flying craft in our atmosphere. These have not been explained and basically been rejected out of hand

The answer to these riddles may open a whole new door to what God is or is not and how we came to be.

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