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I don’t usually highlight a show on TV but the Sci-Fy channel has started a new series called ” Fact or Faked.= and it’s excellent so far. Basically the shows premise is to find reported phenomenon including UFOs and try to find a logical explanation. The first two shows highlighted two cases I had put up on YouTube as very interesting. One case they took on was investigated by MUFON and was presented at a MUFON conference. The video shows three creatures with capes walking past surveillance cameras.

This is the clip I had presented on YouTube:

The debunkers took me on by claiming they were everything from dogs walking across the yard – to dummies being pulled along. These one line debunkers dumb statements are par for the course and you have to expect it. So with all their explanations in hand I decided to look at this video in a video editing program and when I was done nothing they claimed fit the bill. As you probably notice these creatures were extremely thin and wore some type of cape. Also if you look carefully they are walking not being pulled along. Flying ETs with capes have been reported all over Mexico including one police offers personal horrifying experience. Also in many well documented abduction experiences abductees have been reporting for years these almost insect looking beings…long and very skinny. They both seem to fit and I felt this was a good case. So it felt somewhat exonerated when “FACT OR FATE” investigated this case and found some interesting results, here is the clip below:

What I don’t fathom in all of this, is the viciousness these people continue to emotionally vomit on the person who reported this. These “debunkers” casually look at these videos and have no compunction to ridicule and impinge someone’s integrity livelihood and intelligence, not to mention their race if they are not white. I believe the UFO witnesses deserve to be defended even though I will get attacked also.

If one ET has arrived on earth than others have and an evolving intelligent insect race on some planet does not seem impossible some of the insects on this planet are pretty smart already.

There is two things that happens when you are so closed minded you can’t see, the first is a blindness to what you automatically disregard externally and a blindness internally to being wrong. What a sad, egotistical life.

Note: The second case will be highlighted on a future Post.

“Fact or Faked” on the Sci-Fy channel is a good show and I highly recommend it.

PS: John Ventre asked me to post this and I gladly agreed:


Pennsylvania leads the Nation in UFO Sightings

“UFO’s. . . Seeing is Believing”. The Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network will present it’s 3rd Annual UFO Conference’s on Saturday October 9th, 2010 from 8am-5pm at the Sheraton Hotel 400 Oxford Valley Rd Langehorne Pa 19047 and on Saturday October 16th 2010 from 10am to 6pm at the Westmoreland Community College 145 Pavillion Ln Youngwood, Pa 15697.

Pennsylvania has been the epicenter of the world’s largest UFO wave since the summer of 2008. There have been over 650 UFO reports filed with MUFON from Pittsburgh to Philly over the past two years. John Ventre, the Pennsylvania State Director for MUFON stated, “We’re getting clusters of sightings from every town from Pittsburgh to Philly along the southern half of the state. We have 151 reports in the Pittsburgh-Westmoreland County area and 355 in the Philly area. I get reports of UFO’s coming in from Lake Erie in Ohio and across Wheeling, West Virginia into the Pittsburgh area and they are seen minutes later on the Eastern part of the state.

The Conference will present a combination of expert Paranormal, Abduction and UFO speakers.

Speakers include Richard Dolan who has written numerous books on the government coverup, Bill Birnes of UFO Hunters, Budd Hopkins on Abductions, Kathleen Marden on Betty and Barney Hill, Peter Robbins who investigated the Rendlesham Forrest UK incident, John Ventre of the Mutual UFO Network, Stan Gordon will present Kecksburg then and Leslie Kean who sued NASA will present Kecksburg now on the 45th anniversary.

“The quality of speakers at this Conference rivals the larger pricier conferences that take place around the country”, said Ventre.

Professional presentations and vendor tables will highlight this conference in an academic setting. “We also have a few surprises for the audience and they are not Halloween tricks”, said Ventre.

Admission price’s are $20 in Pitt and $30 in Philly. Advance orders and the Conference agenda can be obtained at John Ventre’s website at www.johnventre.com or www.mufonpa.com . John Ventre can be reached at 724 836 1266 or at jventre1@comcast.net.

The Mutual UFO Network was founded in 1969 after the US Air Force concluded their 17 year Project Blue Book study of UFO’s and concluded that UFO’s are not a threat to National Security. “They never said UFO’s don’t exist. There is overwhelming evidence that they do. I believe this is an aviation safety issue. The only reason there are not more collisions is because of their ability to manuever, not ours”, said Ventre.

Mufon has 2700 members worldwide and over 900 certified investigators. The Pennsylvania MUFON branch has 129 members and 21 certified investigators. Anyone interested in joining MUFON can speak to John Ventre or one of the many investigators that will be at the conference from Pa, WV, NY, NJ and Ohio. “One thing I know fromconducting my investigations: if you’ve seen one, you believe”, said Ventre.

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