UFO News : UFO-Blogger Reborn

UFO News : UFO-Blogger Reborn

Dear, readers we had just come out of worst phase of UFO-Blogger downtime in last 3 years. With in hours of posting our last article about how Matt Simmons warned us against BP oil spill – Now he is dead

Your UFO News website start feeling the heat of boots and “social engineering” hacking attempts soon after midnight on August 10th. 2010.

We don’t get why they are trying to block your UFO-Blogger, as we are not the only one who had questioned the circumstances in which Matt Simmons had died

We are still running the site with patient observations as some issues still need to be fixed. We request all our readers to report any broken link or any other technical issues in comment section.

And we would also like to warns all those who don’t want our existence on Internet that we are also watching YOU from now on.

We know very well because of you YouTube had censored UFO Blogger, YouTube Channel back in January, 2009 too.

STOP playing PSYOP with us, as you all knows very well that truth always wins over the disinformation and darkness.

UFO-Blogger Webmaster