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“Don’t follow leaders watch you parking meters” Dylan

So how many conspiracies do you believe in? Do you believe in the “Jewish Conspiracy”, the “Black Conspiracy”, “The White Conspiracy”, “Illuminae Conspiracy” , “Gay Conspiracy”, “Hollywood Conspiracy”, “Liberal Conspiracy”, “Right Wing Conspiracy “CIA Conspiracy, FBI Conspiracy, NSA Conspiracy, “Military Industrial Complex Conspiracy”, “Government ET/ UFO Conspiracy” ” Government Energy Conspiracy” “Socialist Conspiracy”, “Museum Conspiracy”, “Communist Conspiracy”, “American Conspiracy”… Do you believe some, or all?

We all know it so why don’t we admit it honestly. We have a group of people in the UFO community that will believe anything that is put in front of them regarding UFOs. Every day on Jeff Rinse and even on Linda Milton Howe we have a new government conspiracy presented by “whistleblowers” on ETs. I think I’ve counted sixty five different deep black projects claimed by different people supposedly inside our government. I have sat at conferences where the subject matter made me cringe. From ” Bush is a reptilian” to every conspiracy theory possible carried out by our government. For me it is not worth my time. I ask any reasonably minded person one question: If your life depended on the evidence presented would you like to be judged , guilty or innocent, with the same quality of evidence used to prove these conspiracies? I certainly wouldn’t.

I don’t believe our government is full of monsters as the majority of the UFO community seems to accept without question. The idea presented by these people does demonize the government and I resent it. The Roswell conspiracy is used a great deal. We know by now the government probably was involved in the cover-up at Roswell. There is truth to the idea that some of the people were threatened in a way that makes you wonder: What country are we living in? However there is no evidence that our government carried out horrendous horrors on our citizens in the name of Roswell. In fact what they tried to do at first was right.

Now, I don’t expect those who never lived through the fifties to understand this but for the first time America could have been completely destroyed. A weapon had been devised by us which fitted perfectly the famous quote of Swami Vivekananda ; America had become the “destroyer of worlds” . The American government knew it was only a matter of time when the Russians would have the bomb and were listening (Mogul) at the time of the Roswell crash.

We lived, as Americans, constantly with the atomic bomb fear. It didn’t rule our lives but it was always there. We practiced it shelter drills in school in the basements. We watched on our TV sets as larger and larger bombs were exploded. Even before 1947 the Army knew that more powerful bombs were very achievable. Teller wanted to scrap the atomic bomb and go straight to making a hydrogen bomb during the Manhattan Project. The other scientists knew this was feasible, but what they didn’t know was how destructive it could be. The scientists erred on the side of caution.

This was the world we were in when the spaceship was found. No matter what technology was found it had a potential even beyond the H-Bomb, a potential for safety, even from the A-Bomb. The military did what they thought was necessary for the security of the United States. It wasn’t an evil government that did this; it was a responsible government.

But now, what do we have being put out there as genuine UFO conspiracies? Well, they generally claim the same thing: ETs and humans have conspired to do all types of ungodly things. One conspiracy claims the government has been taken over by Reptilians pretending to be humans. Let us not forget the government disguising themselves as ETs and abducting people, mutilating cows and killing people so they can justify a war with ETs. Does any of this even make sense? Like, why would our government need an excuse to start a war with these ETs? Most of the world would be suspicious anyway. These Reptilians who take over the government copying human people, are revealed when their eyes go dark like some vampires. You would think that a species which could disguise themselves as humans would have fixed that little problem a long time ago.

The bigger question with me is why do people think there are so many sociopaths that work for the government? Yes, during the cold war some horrible decision were made, and corrected I might add, but we were in a state of survival and to be wrong may have meant annihilation. Our government was not run by psychotics. The books surrounding these conspiracies will link to all kinds of documentation but they never really make a case. Human nature dictates most of these conspiracies just wouldn’t work. Most conspiracies die from within or are exposed by people with consciences. The whistle blowers presented inside the UFO community are usually lacking on solid proof; what they do present is a great deal of innuendo.

I was born a Catholic, I supported JFK but there was a great deal of charges leveled against Kennedy being a Catholic. The Catholic Conspiracy as it went was that Kennedy would obey the Pope even if it meant hurting America security. The implication was that somehow because we were Catholic, we were automatons when it came to making a judgment. However, the truth be told, most Catholics’ day to day activity was far removed from church teachings. The Catholic Church was part of an identity- not a way of life. If I had a dollar for every Catholic friend of mine who used a condom, I’d be rich. This is why conspiracies always break down, on the human level.

What is the harm? Well, it dilutes the real story and the witnesses who basically are honest and can produce evidence. It throws a cloud over everything that is done or spoken regarding UFOs. Many people become convinced the end is near or whole groups of people can’t be trusted. Racism lifts it ugly head in some of these conspiracies as you can easily see on Jeff Rinse.

I know a lot of people in UFO land are going to dislike what I’ve written. But being a avid reader on this subject for 40 years my suggestion for new and old timers alike in the UFO community is to stop chasing conspiracies. If they are false, yo’veu wasted a whole lot of time and if half of them are real, you can’t do a damn thing about it.

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
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