Those Lying UFO Witnesse

There is no doubt that the debate is back on. UFO researchers putting books out claiming there is no smoking gun because the government is not holding back secrets. They will probably have some data that will back up their contentions but they are still wrong. Why? Because they were not there, and we have military and government witnesses who were there.

Well, who should we believe? Some UFO researchers who go through government documents that have been sanitized for decades? Or, the hundreds of military witnesses that had a great deal to lose both professionally, and personally, by stepping publically into the UFO circus?

I think we can all agree that if the government has covered-up information on the UFO enigma they would have a good motive to lie about that knowledge. On the other hand, I think we can agree the least likely group to gain from coming in forward are the military officers who put their reputation on the line to report the impossible.
Here’s a question: If the government has nothing to hide where is the video and photo evidence, reported by extremely credible witnesses, which has disappeared into the government ether?

Did Astronaut Gordon Cooper lie when he claimed a flying saucer was filmed by the military landing and taking off from a lake bed? Where, if the military and the government have nothing to hide, is the video and testimony of the military witnesses to this event? If this didn’t happen then Gordon Cooper is a bold face liar. You never hear any brave UFO researchers or debunker call Cooper’s integrity into question.

How about this one:

Professor Robert Jacobs came forward and claimed the government had video evidence of a missile shoot-down by a flying disk. That evidence was sent to headquarters and never heard from again. Where is the video? You don’t call people on the carpet and swear them to secrecy for chafe as some skeptics claim. Jacobs never sought the limelight, never tried to make money by riding a book and didn’t go on the lecture tours at the UFO conferences. Jacob’s actions, both before and after he went public, demonstrate a man of high integrity and moral character.

From the days of the famous Newhouse UFO claims have been made of missing evidence. Newhouse, a military photographer, sent his famous film of a group of UFOs to be inspected by the military. When Newhouse asked to get his film back, the military claimed the original was lost in a fire so they sent him a poor copy. The interesting part of this is the film was not complete. Newhouse reported to Dr. McDonald that the first part of the film, where the UFO disk were closest and easiest to indentify was no longer there. Newhouse claimed that that part of the film would have proven what they filmed could have not been birds.

Major Keyhole, head of the first civilian UFO investigative organization, claimed jet fighters pilots had told him that gun cameras had filmed flying disk while the jets were in pursuit. Where is the smoking gun camera evidence? There are hundreds of stories like these.

What happened to the documentation around the famous shutdown of the missile solos? Yes, we have some of the initial findings proving that it happened, but the conclusion of those findings, including what caused the shutdown, was suppose to be forthcoming in a report. Where is that report?

I have not even brought in the 600 plus Roswell witnesses because as you know they don’t even count with John Alexander and Nick Pope and other UFO researchers.

Even if you don’t believe UFOs are ETs and are government black projects there is still evidence of kept secrets. The famous Cash Landrum UFO sighting is a prime example of that. A mother, her older daughter and her son are driving home late. They came upon a diamond shaped craft hovering over the highway. The object seems like it’s in trouble. The mother gets out of the car and finds that this object is generating tremendous heat; she burns her hand on the metal of the car. She jumps back in the car and they watch as this object moves slowly away followed by more than 20 Chinook helicopters.

The all got sick; the mother the worst. Her hair fell out, she was vomiting and she was in bed for weeks. The doctor diagnosed her condition as radiation sickness. Wel,l everyone knows when you start to get collaborated evidence on a UFO, the debunkers came out of the woodwork. They basically called this a hoax and pointed to the absence of any documentation showing that there was a large contingence of Chinook Helicopters parked at any nearby airbase. Update this to 2005 when “UFO hunters” did an episode on this case with the doctor and the surviving family (the mother died of cancer). They even had the talking head who repeated the claims of the debunkers “no helicopters, people”. This time, however, there was an answer (which was hardly talked about in the UFO community, I guess many were too busy putting down the show). You see they found documentation that there was indeed a large group of Chinook Helicopters that took off at the nearest airbase. When the debunker was presented with this evidence on the air he was dumbfounded and admitted it looked like he was wrong.

So where is the documentation around this incident? People don’t fake radiation sickness. On the program they interviewed the son who was now grown up. His anger over any suggestion they hoaxed this just disgusted him. Something happened that night and we all know it. But what really happened has never come to life.

Just recently, with the UK’s newest release, there has been a contention that many documents pertaining to the famous Rendlesham UFO case, the one where a UFO triangle was actually touched, were missing. The Roswell case along with many of other cases also had missing documents.

So once again these writers and spokesman inside the UFO community disparage the names and the integrity of our most credible UFO witnesses. This is par for the course isn’t it? Many UFO researchers who decide to write new books have no compunction in ignoring some of our most trusted witnesses to make their point and a buck. That is sad to me because, without those witnesses we have no real body of substanciated evidence for the reality of the UFO phenomenon.

So go head UFO researchers, call them liars without really calling them liars, isn’t that how it’s done ?

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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