The UFO Media Matters Paradox:

“If Unidentified Flying Objects are indeed Extra-Terrestrial, and we are being visited by many different species…where are the capitalists?”

The future looks scary folks. The most important love affair to ever be borne of humanity is in jeopardy. The one human construct which has lasted almost as long as religion may be no more than a fleeting mote in the eye of God. The engine which has driven development, progression and greed on our world may not be in the future of any advanced race..Do you see any ETs selling flying cars?

I don’t understand it. Didn’t ninety nine percent of the visionary science fiction writers weave a thousand worlds of enterprise, a universe teaming with capitalists? Foundation Trilogy, Cities in Flight, Dune. Television and the movies liked to sensationalize the topic of aliens. Early TV dealt with extremes in aliens. They were usually monsters or they turned out to be saints. Then came Star Trek, which was able to tap into the sense of wonderment and possibilities in the cosmos and nothing would be the same again. Alien, Star Wars and a thousand more spawned intelligent species which bartered in one way or the other. They even had their own greed. Later on, when special effects could catch up we could actually see these alien cultures and their economic sides.

We all know too well what would happen if capitalism was the driving force behind these visits. We would have been roped, tagged, and over developed a long time ago. We would have been, for lack of a better word, absorbed. You can buy anything, even a world, with the right carrot.

However, none of these beings (there may be hundreds) have not tried to sell us one thing…not one! What could that mean for our future? No more going out to buy an IPhone? How can you show off your new antique Porsche? The fun of showing your friend your new 50 3D TV gone… what would we do with ourselves? We find it a great deal of fun in buying a gadgets and although the enthusiasm objects fades we can always go on to something new. It can be argued capitalism helps channel competition in less harmful ways. Evolution put that competition in all of us as a driving force to survive so it needs an outlet!

So what could it mean if they are all non-capitalistic species? We know socialism seems to deaden creativity. When you end up working for the state it can be so uninspiring. Many great thinkers have envisions of a utopian society where the higher self is the part of everyone’s life. A society where caring, respecting each other and the environment is not far from the thoughts of all. Everyone in this society is educated to the fullest. Everything is done for the betterment of society. What a world!

However, in the thousands of years of development of these lofty ideals the human species has nothing close to a Utopian society. Humans seem to cycle between advancement and the law of nature mentality.

What are some of the cons to Capitalism? Big Business controls technology advancements they also decide when that technology will be released to maximize profits. You can bet your life that many a great idea has been left on the drawing board because the company couldn’t patent whatever it was. Medicine also- do any of us really think a drug company would bring a new effective drug against disease to fruition without a commercial payday? So capitalism is far from perfect but it is the best of the alternatives we have. How could any species be able to end that driving force of nature without at least channeling it into the least destructive force, capitalism?

It doesn’t seem, at least in the human example of development, that there is no safe and effective alternative. When I started this post I didn’t have an answer. I knew that the more entrenched capitalism is in a society the more controlled that society is by capitalism. I knew that it wasn’t democracy that brought down the Soviet Union; it was capitalism. We see that now in Russia, which is not a shining example of democracy in action but is effectively using capitalism. But the answer was not new it just was never applied like this. There was a force which could change the very makeup of an entire species: Evolution.

Nature seems to adapt to the dangers around it and what greater danger than a species on the planet with an unending appetite and power to exercise that appetite whenever it wished? This danger has been increasing each year as the human species exercises its will. When will this end? Well, in capitalism system it’s not supposed to end. But, with nature any threat to the balance seems to be dealt with again and again especially where life is concerned. Some of us call that balancer the Creator.

We have to admit most of what we want now has nothing to do with need. We have to admit the ever expanding, consuming human species can’t go on indefinitely. There are limits to everything. We know some other interesting facts about evolution. Sometimes it uses mutation to make leaps in development. The brain got bigger and really smarter really quickly in evolutionary terms. However survival by any means was kept intact. The brain took a leap in intelligence but not in emotional development. Could this new leap in evolution change a species’ world view both intellectually and emotionally? Could it seal the rift? What would happen if the next step in human evolution gave us inner peace? What would happen if the next step gave all of us great intelligence? Let’s also include the senses. What new senses would we become aware of? Could we really read not only another person’s mind but the person themselves? You wouldn’t need an IPhone- you would be one. Wouldn’t lying become a dead art? What would happen if our emotional reactions were no longer driven by survival because we knew we would? We would have achieved through evolution what humankind has dream of since the dawn of unjust pain and hardship: Utopia.

Did these alien species face their own possible downfalls? Did some of these alien cultures almost disappear? Did nature step in to secure the future of life and of the predominate species? What would it be like to know who you are and what you wish to do from the very start? What would it be like to really know the other members of your species and I mean REALLY KNOW them? What would it be like to never need a substance to make you feel good? How about other addictions? Eating problems would disappear as the mind and body would work in unison. How about a body that not only tells you when you are sick but what is causing the sickness? What would be like to have quiet in your conscious, no contradictions about yourself? What would it be like to act intelligently in all situations, not react?

This is what I think happens: Their decision machine is not like ours. They have truly evolved passed our type of survival. They have an emotional connection to their history which forever teaches them. The destroyer of worlds evolved past Conqueror to Shepherd, and life once again, finds a way.

These Clip: Star travel the dream begins” Society for Scientific Exploration Conference 2010.

Clips of UFOs that might just be more “phenomenon” and couldn’t be ours.

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