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“This is Rachel Maddox of MSNBC. It has been almost 24 hours since the President confirmed that beings from another planet will be landing in Washington at the National Mall. Most of you watching this program are aware yesterday every TV channels in America and across the globe was interrupted by an announcement by these beings from another planet. The transmission was audio so as of now we don’t know what their appearance might be. The announcement was simple and to the point and we are going to show it now again:

‘We are the Darcons from a planet 32 light years from your world. We will be landing at your National Mall in Washington DC tomorrow, November 11, 2011 at 11 pm. At that time we will make an important announcement to your species which will be broadcast on all of your networks. This is a peaceful landing.’

As you know this message has been gone over time and time again for hints to what it may mean. The part that has everyone worried was the last sentence- not so much what the statement said, but what was left out. Do they mean just the landing is peaceful or that they come in peace generally? The other part of this is that they didn’t ask to land. It was more of just informing us they are coming. Some are saying this is a bad omen.

We have two guests standing by who may be able to shed light on this. First, we have James Oberg, a science writer and former employee of NASA. We also have long time UFO researcher and scientist, Stanton Friedman.

Good evening, gentleman. James, what are your ideas on what is happening here? Do you believe that this visit is proof that all of the UFO reports in the past were real? What is your take on the questions and fears others have expressed?”

Oberg: “I have been writing for years that we have no proof that UFOs were alien craft. Science needs to have proof and what has been reported and investigated just didn’t rise to that level of proof. We have no idea whether this visit has anything to do with UFOs. This may be the first contact between our two species. They may have just arrived. As far as the last sentence and lack of protocol, these are all part of our world and may not be fully understood by these other world beings. I don’t think we should try to interpret this in any way as being hostile.”


“ Stanton, what do you think about what James has said and what is your take on what is happening? Do you think these beings are part of the UFO cover-up?”

Stanton Friedman:

“Well, if you’re asking me do I believe there is enough evidence that UFOs are real, I ask you what other proof do you need? Of course, we who have investigated credible reports of these craft couldn’t produce a UFO on cue, as Oberg and other scientists wanted. However, we have documented proof that something was flying in our skies and we didn’t know what they were. The mainstream scientists, the ‘Skeptical Inquirer” including Oberg, were adamant in claiming UFOs were not worthy of investigation. I would like to ask Mr. Oberg if he thinks they are worth it now?”

James Oberg:
“We don’t know if this has anything to do with UFOs.”


“Stanton, to continue, what is your take on the ETs intention? Do you think, as others have said, that these beings could be the ETs that are reported abducting people? Also Dr., do you still claim the government knew about these ETs and have covered up the crash at Roswell?

“In my many years of studying this I find that abductions, though traumatic, have not been violent in nature. It seems more like one species trying to study another. The government, as far as I’m concerned, has known about the Extra-terrestrial presence at least since the 1940s. As for their intentions, if these are the beings from the UFOs, they have been around for a while. If they wanted to take us out they had ample time. One more thought: these ETs may not be the same ETs that crashed at Roswell. If one species from another planet was able to get here then it stands to reason there may be more.”

“More than one ET? That boggles the mind. We thank both of you and now we turn to the U.S. Senator Susan Collins, lead ranking member of Homeland Security. Senator Collins, Fox news interviewed Sara Palin and asked her what her take was on this “ET” landing. Let me read what she said:

‘I am not sure the message is truthful… Why did the Obama administration just allow them to land? Is it possible the government is involved in some type of disinformation by producing a hoax? Also, as you know, I am a Christian woman and the bible states at the end time there will be signs in the heaven and the earth. That Satan will lead many astray. Could these be Satan’s demons pretending to be aliens? Everything is possible now.’

Rachel: “So what do you think of her statement?”


“Well, if these are demons, they are using a massive ship to get here. We actually have the craft on radar in orbit and we know that whatever is here has technology. As for the hoax idea by our government, that’s as crazy as the demon idea.”


“How about her statement that these beings were allowed to land without protest? What about Obama’s decision not to have a military presence where they land?”

“In the first place we didn’t have two way communications with these intelligences. When they made the announcement we were able to track their craft in orbit but other than that we have not be able to communicate with them. The president decided that no matter who these beings are they will be welcomed in peace. Remember, they came from another star system with technology we could only dream about. If they wanted to hurt us it would have done it already. To attack their craft would be foolhardy. Remember, before this happened scientists didn’t think they could get here. As for landing without permission, they might not quite understand our customs.”

“ Senator why do you think they decided to land in the United States?”


“We have discussed and we put forward several reasons, the prominent one being the United Nations is here. Another reason may be the Unites States is home to more races, cultures and religions than anywhere else on earth: a complete representation of our species.”


“Thank you Senator, and now we are nearing the time of the landing and I think… if we can just move the camera to the sky…I think I see a light- almost likea star, but getting brighter. This just in from the military…a small craft has left the large craft in orbit and is heading towards the DC area. As you can see on your TV sets, the craft is getting larger. It looks almost very much saucer shape. I really can’t believe it. Well, for all purposes, as you can plainly see, this craft resembles the flying saucers many have reported. James Oberg, are you still there?”

James Oberg: “Yes I am”

Rachel: “What is your take that this craft looks like a classic flying saucer?”

Oberg: “ I have to say the object does look similar to what has been reported.”


“We still have Stanton Friedman standing by… Stanton…,”

Stanton Friedman. “Yes, I am here.”

“Witnessing this classic flying saucer land, do you feel vindicated?

“Well I think there should be a great deal of apologizing in many places. UFO witnesses had to endure sarcasm not only from the debunkers but from scientists and the media. Right now, unless the government wants to release its information about this subject, we the UFO researchers, know more than anyone else about these people from another world.”

“Thank you both. We now go back to the ship which seems to be a few hundred feet up. It seems to be landing slowly. We have 30 seconds to 11 pm. It seems at this rate the ETs may be a little late. As we wait and watch we want to update you on a story from yesterday. It has been confirmed that some right wing militia groups are standing vigil tonight and they are armed. They have issued a statement and I quote: ‘Any UFO that tries to land on their property will be fired on.’

It is now ten seconds to 11pm and the ETs are going to be late. I guess their precisely is not our precisely…Unbelievable, folks! The object just shot from a hundred feet up to ten feet above the pavilion! Our close-up camera couldn’t follow it because it was so fast. The object is just hovering there a panel now opens… couldn’t even tell it was there… and something is coming out. Oh my God! As you can see they are floating down to the podium. They look like classic aliens….Stanton are these the types that has been reported?”

“Yes, the small beings with the big heads are the most reported and part of the Roswell/Corona crash.”

“The beings are close to the podium and I think they’re getting ready to speak so let’s listen to what they have to say:.

‘To the predominant species on earth: There are many species from other planets who have come here but we were the first. We have a strict policy of non-interference except in one instance: If a species comes to a point where their presence will kill a life bearing planet then we interfere to save the planet. You have come to this cross roads and continue to push this planet to its brink. In one hundred years, if you don’t stop, your planet will turn into a similar planet in your system the one you call the planet Venus. We don’t believe in violence and destruction. We are not invaders. Today is November 11; we came on the 11th hour. Next month, on December 21st at 11 pm the last child will be born on your planet. Your species will die out in a generation. We, in conjunction with other species will put your planet back into balance but we will not take over your planet or inhabit it. A living planet belongs to all species not just one. We will let God’s evolution decide the future dominant species for this planet; maybe they will be wiser. Your welcome on this planet is over.”


“This is unbelievable. Could what they be saying be real…oh Hell, excuse me, wait a minute the object is getting so bright it …it ..I can’t believe it just seemed to wink out… like a of a light that imploded… It’s gone! It was amazing I need a second…We now are waiting for a word from the president. Stanton are you still there”

Stanton: “Yes”


What is your take on this could this happen?”

Stanton: “ I have to say I never thought these ETs would be that hostile. I am completely at a loss… but to get to your question. If they say they can do it than believe me from what has been reported, they can”

Rachel: “I have just been informed the President is ready to speak”

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