Sherif’s nephew claims Travis Walton Hoax well known?

“Let those without sin cast the first stone” JC.

The Accusation:

“Ok all of you alien freaks I hate to ruin your dreams but here is the truth about Travis Walton, I am from Snowflake Az ( which is were Travis Walton is from) and I gradated with his oldest child ( who’s name is Clifton and his cousin Donavan graduated in are same class, just trying to prove my point that I did, it was the class of 1996) my great uncle is Sank Flake who was the county Sheriff at the time of the abduction, Travis Walton and Mike Rogers worked together for a couple of years in the white Mountains cutting lumber down for the paper mills, IT IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE TO ALL RESIDANTS OF YOUNG ARIZONA WHICH IS WHERE TRAVIS WAS APPERANTLY ABDUCTED THAT THE AIR FORCE DID ALOT OF TEST MANUVERS THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS FOR TRAINING, for us who have been camping in the white mountains for most of are lives, on a rare occasion the forest ranger will come and say to campers that there will be helicopters and other stuff flying through the air during the night please do not be alarmed and if you get spot lighted it will only be for a second, here is my point, Mike and Travis were way behind on contracts so they hired a few extra hands, which took them over there budget, one of them was a well known acid freak from Concho Az which is about 5 miles outside of Snowflake, ( his name is Dallas) my uncle arrested Dallas on drug charges he was on bail when he was hired by Mike Rogers to work, THE DAY THAT TRAVIS WALTON WAS ABDUCTED IS THE SAME DAY THAT THE AIRFORCE WAS DOING TRAINING IN THE WHITE MOUNTAINS, yes Travis got out of the truck and looked up in the sky at the weird lights that were above him and yes a spot light came all around him, and Mike Rogers drove off and left him and the spot light came on the truck which scared all the men in the truck, the spot light was only on them for a second, Mike drove to the diner which was twelve miles down the road called the red robin inn diner, MIKE WAS THE ONLY PERSON WHO WENT BACK TO PICK-UP TRAVIS FROM THE SPOT WHERE HE FOUND TRAVIS WHO WAS PASSED OUT FROM DRINKING AFTER THEY GOT DONE WITH WORK THAT DAY,they were going to lose there contracts in a couple days which was going to bankrup Travis and Mikes business. The guys who stayed at the diner told all the patrons that they saw weird lights and it chased them and they said that Travis got out and what had happened, all those guys had friends come pick them up at the diner except one, Dallas, Dallas started to hitch hike down the road and was picked up by one Mike Rogers, Dallas had told Mike what all the guys were saying in the inn and that the patrons were asking alot about the lights around the truck and around Travis, they told the patrons that they were being attacked by UFO’S, TRAVIS WALTON WAS AT DALLAS’S HOUSE IN CONCHO ARIZONA FOR FIVE DAYS GETTING HIGH OFF HIS ASS, Travis Walton will tell you in his book ” The Walton Expirience ” that he passed a lie ditector test twice and so did all of his co-workers, what he doesn’t say in there are the questions that were asked to him and his co-workers, my uncle saw the questions that were being asked, like did you see lights in the sky, did a light come upon you, did a light follow you in the truck, those are the questions that were aske to Travis Walton and his co-workers so he wasn’t lying about what he was saying, something else Travis Walton does not tell you in his book is how Dallas was sent to jail 1 month after the apperent abduction for three years for failing a drug test and selling drugs, and he also fails to mention how the lumber contracts were payed off and new contracts were made, Hmmm ironic, now alot you may say how do I know that Travis walton was at Dallas house, I dont know, but when Travis was found in Heber Az and after he got out of the hospital his sister and Mike and his wife were riding in the police car with my Uncle they were going to pick up Dallas to go to the town hall in snowflake to talk with all these people my Uncle asked Travis if he new where Dallas lived in Concho, Travis said no, as they were turning on the road to Dallas house my uncle accidentally turned down the wrong road, and Travis told him that he needed to actually turn down the next road, my uncle said I thought you didn’t know where he lived, and Travis response was that he had heard Dallas telling Mike how to get to his house, wow if I got abducted by aliens and there was alot of attention on me at that time in my life I just dont know if I could tell you an exact road to go on if I had never been there before and I heard it in second conversation. And here is my proof about the whole thing, when my Uncle Sank was retired he told my Uncles and my dad that they new Travis was in Concho after the fact but there was alot of man power spent on trying to find him for the week he was gone and there was alot of money being brought into the community about the whole ordeal so they just let it be, and Travis has made alot of money on his ordeal, but trust me people his Family went through hell from critism from the town folk and his poor son Clifton was made fun of ruthlessly throughtout school, which I new clifton and I liked him, but he new who my uncle was and my uncle was actually the James Gardner person in the movie, and my uncle always was critical of Travis, so I could tell clifton didnt like my uncle. But I apologize for the post being so long it was the only way I could say everything, and yes everybody in Snowflake will tell you the exact same story I said, that is why Travis never does interviews in Snowflake he does not want the reporters to ask questions to anybody who was around at that time, so go ahead and start attacking my claim and I promise I will give you an answer to every question.

P.S. Sorry Clifton”

The written accusation above came to me via a YouTube presentation “Travis Walton at the International UFO Congress” 2010 I put up. The statements above are nothing but a rehash of accusations leveled at Walton for a number of years. To prove this I refer to a two part post I published in April 2007 “Travis Walton: The Hoax That wasn’t “, and I quote:

“Debunkers’ Concerns:

1. The young man, Travis Walton, had a expunged record (burglary) so Mr. No Klass mentioned the record in his book, but didn’t mention how he came by this fact. Of course, this should have been a plus to Walton’s character, since he did get the conviction wiped off the record by doing what was right, but Klass didn’t represent it that way in the book. Travis had revealed his youthful offence in the primary examination after the UFO incident.

2. Mr. Klass had valid data which indicated that certain information had been withheld intentionally by APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) which was based in Tucson, Arizona. (Travis Watson failed his first polygraph test administered by an expert with 10 years experience, hired by APRO).

3. Travis took a second Polygraph test (two months later) and he passed, but Klass pointed out the examiners only had 2 years experience and was instructed what questions to ask.

4. The motive given for the hoax by the debunkers and others is: Mike Rogers, owner of the business for nine years,” had grossly underestimated the magnitude of the job and could not complete it on time” This would result in payment held up till spring unless he could prove an act of God –which this was.

Also about the area:

“By the way, just a note, under the freedom of information act documents were de-classified to indicate activity by UFOs in and around the areas at that time:

“DOD, USAF, and CIA document reveal that during October, November, and December of 1975, reliable military personnel repeatedly sighted unconventional aerial objects in the vicinity of nuclear-weapons storage areas, aircraft alert areas and nuclear-missile control facilities at Loring Air Force Base, Maine; Wurtsmith AFB Michigan; Malstrom AFB, Montana; Minot AFB, North Dakota…”

I know this person once to believe his uncle but the idea of helicopters and jet maneuvers being mistaken for what Seven witnesses testified about is ridicules. We all know that police to not like to be wrong and they will many times continue to peruse their first line of thinking on a case right or wrong. The truth is how many cops would believe someone who has committed a crime about something like this. The other accusation his great uncle makes is not news at all it is the same accusations he had from the beginning. But think about this if it was a hoax. Walton had to had to have planned it when he was hit by the “beam”. When that “spotlight” hit him he acted as if he was knocked back and unconscious. So what are we to think… Travis Walton is the Robert De Nero of UFO land…wow what adlibbing? It was also very nice that the “helicopter” cooperated in this hoax by shining a spotlight in front of the other witnesses. Travis Walton was convicted of burglary when he was younger many. I wouldn’t expect the townspeople to put much trust in Travis Walton. He was a trouble make, however he had his record expunged before this, and that is never mentioned.. You can’t attack the evidence by attacking the character. The National Inquirer was there and here is Jeff Wales the reporter from the inquirer described the meeting their first meeting with Travis:

“Jeff Wales, upon seeing Travis’s brother for the first time reported “The cowboy (Travis Watson’s brother Duane) was no disappointment. He was one of the meanest and toughest-looking men I’ve ever seen – in his late twenties, a rodeo professional and amateur light-heavyweight fighter, a total abstainer, broad-shouldered, T-shirt packed with muscle, chiseled-down hips, bow legged, eyes full of nails, tense, unpredictable.”

“Nobody is going to laugh at my brother,” he told Wales.

Wales replied… “we would hide them away and pay the kid a grand to tell his story”

“To our relief the cowboy agreed – but not, he said, because of the money, because his brother had a true story to tell which would enlighten the world”.

“Our first sight of the kid (Travis) was at dinner in the hotel dining room that night. It was a shock. He sat there mute, pale, twitching like a cornered animal. He was either a brilliant actor or he was in serious funk about something”.

Polygraph Test:

Question: What would happen to a person emotionally who had actually been taken aboard a ship by horrible looking aliens?

“The “National Inquirer”, investigated the story, found Travis to be so upset it necessitated flying in a husband-and-wife team of psychiatrists from Colorado to tranquilize the kid (Travis) and keep the cowboy (his brother) from exploding.

Jeff Wells reported “The kid was a wreck and it was all the psychiatrist could do to get him ready for the lie-detector expert we had lined up.

The test lasted an hour and I was in the next room fending off the TV crew when I heard the cowboy scream: “I’ll kill the son of a bitch!”

“The kid had failed the test miserably. The polygraph man said it was the plainest case of lying he’d seen in 20 years but the office (The National Enquirer) was yelling for another expert and a different result.

To head that off we had the psychiatrist put the cowboy and the kid through a long session of analysis.

Their methods were unique. The next day the four of them disappeared into a room and soon a waiter was headed there with two bottles of cognac.

At the end of it the psychiatrists were rolling drunk but they had their story and the brothers were crestfallen.

It seemed that the kid’s father, who had deserted them as a child, had been a spaceship fanatic and all his life the kid had wanted to ride in a spacecraft.

He had seen something out there in the woods, some kind of an eerie light which had triggered a powerful hallucination which might recur at any time. There was no question of any kidnap by any mushroom men.”

Travis Walton told a story of strange unemotional beings nothing like what his father and family believed. Would you take someone who this happen to him and get a great polygraph test while they were still in shock? ”

And what of the final skeptics test:

“The following report on the final polygraph examination of Travis Walton, Mike Rogers and Allan was actually sponsored by a skeptic, Jerry Black. The test was performed with the latest state of the art equipment, by Cy Gilson, the most highly respected polygraph expert”.

The relevant questions asked during the polygraph test, and the answers given, are reproduced here:

A comment by the Cy Gilson examiner niece:

Cy Gilson was my uncle, and his professionalism and his skill as a polygraph expert are perhaps unmatched amongst his peers in the field of polygraphy as a forensic tool.

we discussed this Travis Walton and crew test, and back then, Cy told me that he was more or less forced to rethink the “humans are the sole form of intelligent life in the universe” concept, something most Catholics cannot handle admitting too very readily or freely.

I support his conclusion that the men told the truth, and I think that the absurdity of assuming ‘human’ life is the only ‘intelligent life’ in the Universe, speaks for itself.

It wouldn’t surprise me if life elsewhere has since marked the Earth a; “no visit zone, no intelligent life there” based on the insipid propensity for humans to kill everything they cannot understand or comprehend.

The evidence of who Travis Walton is confronts the skeptics even now his continuing life after this incident. without any crime since is a testament to how powerful this experience can be.

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