Mitch Schultz – The Spirit Molecule

Mitch Schultz is the producer and director of the upcoming film “The Spirit Molecule”, based on the work of Rick Strassman. Mitch has previously worked with Ghost Robot, Synthetic Pictures and others. He has a Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Professional Studies from Tisch School of the Arts’ Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film, Television, & New Media at New York University. We talk about the material, research and development of the film. Topics Discussed: Mitch’s Own Experience, Near Death Experiences, Visual Representation of the Experience, the film Renegade or Blueberry from 2004, Matt Ehling, Explanation for the Alien Phenomena, Taboo Subject of Psychedelics, LSD, DMT, Is it Drug for Everybody? Molecular Structure, Spiritual Compound, Chemistry, The War on Drugs, Illegal Drugs, The Brain, Ayahuasca, Hallucinogenic Experiences, DMT Volunteer, Huston Smith, Ayahuasca, Music and Audio, Earth Rise Sound System and more.