Lucy Wyatt – Approaching Chaos & Saving Civilization

Lucy Wyatt is the author of “Approaching Chaos – Could an ancient Archetype save the 21st Century Civilization”. She joins us to talk about her book and research. Where is civilization heading? Are we where we’re supposed to be and do we need to look to the past to find solutions to some of the problems that modern civilization is facing? What is the origin of civilization? Join us for a interesting discussion about the ancient elite, gold and our past. Topics Discussed: What is Civilization? Living in Cities? What is the Origin of Civilization? Mountains, Metallurgy, Gold Mining, the Importance of Gold, Food, the Role of the Shaman in Society, Spiritual Journey, Alchemy, the Greeks, Monoatomic Gold, Electrical Charge, Genetic Mutation, Hunter Gatherer Civilization Vs. Farming, Origin of Farming, Genetic Engineering in Farming, Domestication of Animals, the Elite Class Human, Sirius, Ma├ít, Nature, Horse Domestication, Catastrophe, Comet in the 4th Millennium, Rome, Etruscans, Etymology, Words, Regulation, and more. We proceed to discuss the ancient elite, diffusionism and catastrophe in hour two. What are the fruits of civilization? Are we on the right path? We talk about words like reg, rex and pharaoh. We discuss the magic in Egypt, Rome, the emergence of monotheism, cities, architecture, geometry, squaring on the circle and the golden mean. We discuss fear, future civilization, magic, quantum mechanics, respect for nature, the collapse of the Roman Catholic Church, reincarnation and so much more. If you enjoyed our first hour with Lucy Wyatt, don’t miss hour two for much more.