Kenneth Humphreys – Jesus Never Existed, Judaism & Christianity

Kenneth Humphreys is the author of “Jesus Never Existed”. He’s been running the website for about 10 years and he joins us to discuss his work and research on the lack of historical references and historical records as proof for the existence of Jesus. We progress chronologically through the timeline and of the ancient world. We talk about the rise of Judaism, the Jewish people, creation of Christianity and how the religion was created and exported and eventually adopted by the Roman Empire as the official state religion. How did this happen? Who were the propagandists involved in this process? We go though the history and progress forward and talk about the Roman Catholic Church, the creations of Islam, and the fight with Judaism. Topics Discussed: Jesus not a single character? Jesus of Gamala, Jesus Ben Panthera, Jacob the Min, Fulfillment, The Jesus Seminar, The Jewish Story, Was there a King David? Judea, Galilee, Is it all Mythology, Who noticed Jesus when he supposedly was alive? The Crucifixion, Roman Empire, Josephus, Messiah, The Jewish – Roman War, Councils of Carthage, First Council of Nicaea, The Bar Kokhba Revolt, Rival Christian Movements, Orthodoxy, History, Messianic Judaism, Catholicism, Judaism Exported, 38,000 Christian Denominations, The Persecution of the Christian, The Arrest of Peter, Martyrs, Who Wrote the Bible? The Piso Family, Vespasian, Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus, Joseph Atwill, Titus, India, Glastonbury, Cleopatra & Caesar, Caesarian, Dan brown, Bloodline, Shroud of Turin and more. Don’t miss our second hour with Kenneth Humphreys as we talk about the Roman Catholic Church, The Christian Crusades, Zionism, Rise of Radical Islam, The Knights Templar, Jesuits, Dark Ages, Burning of Witches, Symbolism of the Church and more.