China Airport UFO 2010 Revisited But This Time Over City Of Siauliai, Lithuania

China Airport UFO 2010 Revisited But This Time Over City Of Siauliai,Lithuania

Hot UFO News : Last week we had informed our readers that how UFO-Blogger reader had seen similar Xiaoshan China July UFO light in the sky but in US.

And now according to our another regular reader from Lithuania, Europe On July 12, 2010 at 22:10 GTM+2 near the city of Siauliai, Lithuania I saw two hovering objects. They were just like the ones that were seen UFO over Chine Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

He added : Shortly after two NATO jet-fighters flew in their direction. The UFO quickly flew in different directions. 10 minutes after the jet-fighters flew back to the base.

Last year Slovak TV Markiza reported that Slovakia police officers had videotaped UFO Footage using police Cam April 28, 2009.

Down below are Lithuania famous UFO sightings

Lithuania UFO Sighting incident April, 2009

Slovak TV Markiza reported that police reacted to many phone calls alerting them to 19 mysterious objects in the sky. Police stated, “We watched these objects at an angle of 45 degrees.” “I took a camera and shot [images of] it. It was appearing as big flaming balls.” “Naturally, I could determine a distance, but that airplane blinked and we heard it, and it was under them.”

The video recording was viewed at a a Slovak meteorologic institute in Bratislava, and they do not know how to explain it. Meteorologist say that the phenomena is not connected with a weather phenomenon. The night was clear, temp. cca 12 deg. C, light wind in Trencin.

UFO Footage Kaunas,Lithuania 8 June 2008

Above UFO sighting looks similar to Italian soldiers UFO footage which was videotaped over U.S. ambassador’s residence in Vatican city, Italy on July 7, 2010

Lithuania UFO Sighting incident June, 1996

An unidentified flying object was seen not far from Vilnius and was observed during half an hour by two police officers who launched an alert to all the police forces of the Lithuanian capital. At about 0:30, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, on the Vilnius-Misdininka├» road, close to the village of Nemajis, the UFO – a round luminous object with shacky pulsations – was stationed 20 to 30 meters above ground-level, according to the testimonies of the police officers. “At the same time, one heard a strange noise similar to electric or electronic crackling,” they specified. But when they arrived at 50 meters approximately of the object, it started to move, rose in the air then moved away quickly.

No unusual radiation was measured in the area but it was noted that the tall grass around the area was flattened to a radius of 10 meters.

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(Formerly classified document dated June 25, 1996 and released March 25, 1997 from the archives of the CIA)
(Moscow ITAR-TASS World Service in Russia 0920 GMT, 26 Jun 96)

Discovery Channel Lithuania UFO Sighting Video Footage : UFO: Down To Earth

Down below UFO Footage clip is from the UFO documentary ‘UFO: Down To Earth’ shown on the Discovery Channel in the 1990s.