Changing MUFON’s Symposium

Let’s face it: MUFON’s International Symposium is about as exciting as last year’s reruns. You could go to other UFO conferences and never go to a Symposium and you would still see ninety five percent of the same speakers. The symposium organizers, I’m sure, are looking for the best bang for their all too few bucks so the big names in Ufology and book writers seems to be the safest route to go.

It’s time to make the symposium exciting again and I think I know how thanks to a comment made on my previous post, “The end of MUFON”:

“I just went to a symposium. It has been 20 years since I went to a “UFO Convention.” I could have heard the exact same information 20 years ago. No new information. I was disappointed. Tell me new stuff, make it interesting again. Boot the old farts, they are boring and they don’t have any more evidence than anyone else. “

She made me laugh when I read it. I never think of our pioneer researchers in that way. However she made a point.

The End of MUFON?

In the August issue of MUFON’s Journal the new International Director of MUFON, Clifford Clift made this statement:

“I am truly amazed at how much time and money MUFON Volunteers give toward our effort…”

So far I have not witnessed anything different under Mr. Clift the director of MUFON than what we saw under Carrion.

So how about giving some of this time and money back? It’s time for a “MUFON International (Investigators) Symposium. This would be made up of grass roots investigators only; Volunteers around the world who give their time money and pain to investigate UFOs.

If we have to look at how a Symposium is set up each year we find MUFON Symposiums are really no different from other conferences. The economical thinking around any UFO conference is to at least have the conference pay for itself. The way this has been done in the past is to have the biggest names in the field at the conference. But this just doesn’t work now. . The big names are going to every big and small UFO conference doing the same presentations. MUFON should be different. . The truth is most of the old timers are not doing new UFO investigations on new cases. This is not a blame game. Most of these UFO pioneers deserve our respect but there has to be a future to UFOs and people die- even UFO grand researchers. The new researchers out there are the new stars of the future of UFOs .There are so many good MUFON cases investigated by great people who may only get some updates in the MUFON journal. The MUFON journal is so poor in reproducing photographs, that half of the excitement of a UFO case is lost in translation. If the very core volunteers are as important as they seem to be they should be the ones up there on stage giving us the details of their investigations and, guess what, they would be presenting on the latest UFO reports …what a novel idea!

Think about how exciting this would be: Some of the best cases of the year highlighted by those who investigated them on the MUFON Stage.

I don’t see how there is a down side to this. The money MUFON would save on the big guns can be used for airfare and accommodations. I am sure most of the volunteer investigators will not ask fees to speak.

Many investigators have video and photos which they should be encouraged to bring. There is nothing better for morale than some good UFO photos and video. Not everything has to be analyzed to be presented. There are photos and videos by the thousands that haven’t been analyzed. Maybe bringing some of these cases to the attention of the members at the Symposium will help the investigator. There are some fantastic MUFON cases in the US and around the world. We get details about these great UFO cases on the internet, but there is nothing like a good MUFON investigator’s first hand knowledge to illuminate the case

I hope that those of you out there who think this is a good idea will write to the MR. Clift, MUFON’s International Director and ask him to think about this idea. I believe something has to change and if anyone out there has a better idea, I’d love to hear it

Clips Below represents one of those crass roots investigators out of Chicago Sam Maranto

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